Welcome to the Killington Ski House known as The Snow Zone. A ski house is a seasonal rental. You sign a lease and rent space for five months, which is the ski season. On any given weekend there are about six people in the house.


It's common to give houses a name. We call this magnificent weekend retreat house The Snow Zone.


Killington is one of the best ski areas on the east coast. There are lots of restaurants, the night life is legendary, and the ski shops are staffed with competent sales people who can help you make great choices.


The Snow Zone is 5 minutes from Killington Road. From there you drive 7 minutes to get to the Killington parking lots. Pico ski area is a 2 minute drive from the house.


Please browse this site for further information about the house, what members in this particular house are like, and what you can expect.


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