What are people like?


We are friendly and welcoming. Most are skiers and we usually have one or two riders. Usually there is a mix of men and women. The age range is from upper 30's to 50's. There are both singles and couples. People's professions run from engineering to web design. Members are from CT, NJ, NYC, and Boston.


Is this a good house for me?


You'll feel most comfortable in this house if you're looking for something that's well run, relaxed, and not a party house. Most of us are focused on skiing/riding and enjoying our time off. We tend to get up early because the best snow is in the morning.


"The house is perfect for skiers/riders who like to get up early and ski/ride. It's a relaxed atmosphere and we're all pretty friendly with each other. Most mornings we have breakfast together before we head out to catch the early chair. It's a lot of fun."

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