What is a share in a ski house?


It’s a seasonal rental. A share gives you a bed and the right to use the house. The person who runs everything is the house manager. S/he gets heat, electricity, cable TV, Internet, and

plow service in place. Shares are sold to recover the costs.


Do I sign a lease?


Yes. The lease covers the rental period. The lease is the governing contractual document for all members in the house.


Do I get my own room?


You can get an entire room by purchasing two shares.


Do I get my own bed?


Yes. You get your own bed in a certain room.

Why should I join this house?


I compete on price and quality. Most ski houses are old and in bad shape. Some house pack people into rooms to get enough money to run the house. If you find a nice house you’ll be surprised at how expensive they are.


How is this house different?


The house is new and up to date. Everyone cooperates to keep the house in great shape. The specifics of how ski houses operate vary:


Example: Some managers will assign you to a specific room and bed, and others do not. This means you don't know where you'll be sleeping until you get there.


Example: Some houses permit guests to come up as much as they want. It's not unheard of to find a house with a guest who seems to come up almost as much as regular members.


Example: Some houses are a free for all that might remind you of the movie "Animal House", where members party until dawn. You have to look at each house and talk to each manager to understand what you're getting into. I’ve run this house for over 12 years and I can offer you something clean, comfortable, and relaxing.



A share in this ski-house is an easy, affordable way to go up-country. You will have access to a beautiful house for five months. Ski shares offer great

value. It's easy to spend close to the cost of a ski house share on just one long weekend condo rental. With a share your bedroom always awaits you, so there's no need to hunt for sleeping arrangements.


There are no reservations to be made, you don't have to check in or check out, and most important (in my view) you don't have to take everything with you when you leave.


Your gear is stored conveniently for you, so you never need to pack/unpack. If you’re on a budget you can cook all your meals at the house in our gourmet-equipped kitchen. If you couldn't care less about cooking you can take advantage of the many restaurant choices Killington

has to offer.


The share house social scene at Killington is excellent. Share houses make for a great way to meet new friends and discover new ski buddies. Shareholders usually become quite friendly with each other. It's common to have dinner together and to have a few laughs on the slopes.

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